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Live Software has been the industry leading provider of email marketing software , developing reliable email marketing software and mailing list building tools used by many  companies  in India or around the world for bulk email advertising. Our email newsletter  magazines  software allows you to send all kind of messages: from simple email newsletters to complex campaigns addressed to thousands of subscribers.

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Live Software provides perfect solution required to create and send email newsletters. Permission-based marketers find it perfect way for managing and growing their email campaigns and use it for sales promotions, client newsletters, opt-in email newsletters and bulk mailing. Marketers dynamically create email newsletter campaigns and take advantage of all target email marketing opportunities.

Key Benefits of Using Mass Mailer Software (Online )

“Email sender is very effective mass email software because it delivers email messages directly to recipients’ inbox.”

“Direct Mailer is an excellent email tool for bulk email advertising and to keep your email campaigns under control.”

“HTML Mailer is the best bulk email program to send mass email and to manage email address lists.”

“Working on the java platform hence no need to say about security”.

It is important to use best direct email marketing software for managing targeted email marketing campaigns. Choose one of the above opt-in email marketing software and have a successful time on the web.

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 leading bulk email marketing software. Bulk mailer is easy-to-use mass email software, which is used to send bulk email. It’s well-known for special sending modes, outstanding email deliverability and powerful mailing lists functions. Unlike any other bulk email programs, direct mailer is much better optimized for bulk mailing.